Our Members



Laura Zuffi

Nationality: Italian

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Field of Studies: European Studies (BA), Immigration Management (MA)

” Writer and migrant are two words that depict who I am and what I have been doing for the past 5 years basically. Plus, because they both imply a sense of adventure, creativity and open-mindedness. There are many places I can call home by now: The Hague, Paris, Barcelona; I suffer from insatiable curiosity. Writing is that moment of the day, whether at work, library or on the bed, when I feel home and free from worries. I love the scent of raw olive oil on food and of good wine and I apply an out-of-sight-out-of-mind policy with chocolate; or at least I try.”



Chiara Romano Bosch

Nationality: Italian, Spanish

Location: London, United Kingdom

Field of Studies: BA International Relations at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija & MA in Conclict, Security & Development and King’s College.

“Learning about IR is what drives me, I like challenging myself and I strive to explore new sides of this beautiful world. Growing up as TCK between Asia and Europe, I consider Rome is home, but Bali and Majorca are also homes – and the best places to walk barefoot in. I hold a fascination for the humanity of orangutans, I don’t spend more than 3 weeks without traveling somewhere (it is my food for thought) and I hope to pursue a career in Conflict Resolution.”


The Global Oyster Contributors


Erika Sciarra

Nationality: Italian

Location: Rome, Italy

Field of Studies: Political Sciences at the Roma Tre University

“I really enjoy my field of studies and in particular geopolitics in Africa. I love to participate in new initiatives because I think that they can always teach me something useful. One of my favourite pastimes is writing action plans to save the world with Chiara- on restaurant napkins. I think London is an amazing city and nutella is the best thing on the planet.”



Benjamin Tirone Nunes

Nationality: Portuguese

Location: Cranfield, United Kingdom

Field of Studies: Environmental Economics/Business Studies

“Growing up in a household where environmental issues were discussed every week, I thought that I could work within business and not need to worry about the environmental sector as so many others are doing it already.Well, they weren’t and what grew to be my passion is now my area of study. Apart from environmental fields, markets, economics and developmental problems all interest me to no end. All that said, I’m a nerd, the rest is really on a want to know basis.”


Fotios Stravoravdis

Nationality: Greek

Location : Athens, Greece

Field of Studies: International And European Studies at the University Of Piraeus

“Dedication is what characterises me. I am interested in geopolitics in the East Mediterranean and the Arab World. I want to travel around the world and enjoy life. If I had to change the field of my studies, I would choose Music and Theater.”


Pau Petit

Nationality: Spanish

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Field of Studies: Political Sciences at the Université de Lausanne

“As you can see from my picture, my favorite motto is “Because every positive change in the world starts with YOU!” @YouTheMovement. I dream about a world in peace and I have a weak spot for watermelon and lemon sorbet and I play the guitar.”


Sacha Paneda

Nationality: Spanish (A bit Biritish at heart)

Location: London, United Kingdom

Field of Studies: Economics at University College London

“An irrational love for traveling and French movies. From apolitical to left-winged ideals. Oscar Wilde fan. Thirst for knowledge. I believe in a world without borders, not just economic but of values, ideas, people and our generation is the first one to be able to conceive and hopefully shape such a world.”



Andras Molnar

Nationality: Hungarian

Location: Durham, United Kingdom

Field of Studies: History and Politics at Durham University

“Always been passionate about literature and international politics and, like other members, am lucky to be studying what I really love. I love debating political issues with good wine, traveling and reading about controversial figures. My dreams include getting involved in US politics, going to Belarus, being a UN volunteer and managing to read Ulysses one day.”



 Ian Elly Ssali Kiggundu

Nationality: Italian, Ugandan

Location: Rome, Italy

Field of Studies: Law at the Roma Tre University

“I spend my time amongst books of Law, Economics and my piano because I do really love Music. I strive to achieve a better understanding of what is going on around me in order to be useful to solve problems. I enjoy my private life with music, good literature and a warm cup of tea with friends. Also, I highly value relationships.”



Ruben Rosenberg Colorni

Nationality: Italian

Location: The Hague, the Netherlands

Field of Studies: International Public Management

“I consider myself an activist, writer, political analyst and a student. Although born in Italy, I have also lived in Asia, the US and now Holland with my fat cat. I have written on, or campaigned for, a wide variety of causes such as the Israel/Palestine conflict, Big Pharma, Congo and conflict minerals, the militarization of U.S. police, etc.”



Taritha Sari

Nationality: Dutch, Indonesian

Location: The Hague, the Netherlands

Field of Studies: International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law

“I am an avid learner for almost everything! I am highly devoted to my studies. As an inveterate reader of classic literature at night, I get to wander in the worlds of fiction and often love to get lost in them. I yearn for new challenges. My motto in life is to be kinder than necessary.”



 Agnese Cigliano

Nationality: Italian

Location: Naples, Italy

Field of Studies: Law at the Universita’ Federico II

“Greatly interested in both political and juridical issues at a national and international level. Luckily, I am able to combine these interests with my studies. In fact, I am currently writing my dissertation on International Criminal Law with a focus on the Rwandan Genocide. I love to travel, discover new cultures, “taste” the world and debate. Also, I always have an opinion.”



Rebekka Boonen

Nationality: Belgian

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Field of Studies: Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

“My motto is “Ubuntu” – I am because we are. I have a ridiculous great love and passion for international politics, development cooperation and traveling. Growing up as a TCK I became very intrigued by the globalized world in which we live, something that fuels my love for reading and discovering the world. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby, airports are my second home and I love the sound of a summer storm and the warm breeze of the Sahara, known as the Khamsin.”



Linda Beatrice Louis

Nationality: Indian

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Field of Studies: Law at the National Law School of India University with a specialization Human Rights & Humanitarian Law at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

“I am extremely passionate about women’s equality and safety, children’s well being and the freedom of choice. An avowed liberal, with a profound distrust of rigid social structures that create more problems than they solve, I believe that allowing the happiness of individuals to flourish will, in turn, allow maximization of community well being, instead of requiring sacrifice to achieve progress.”




Jamie Pinnock

Nationality: British

Location: Manchester, England

Field of Study: History, Politics, Culture (now History and Politics teacher at a secondary school and sixth form in south Manchester)

“I am a postgraduate historian with an interest in international relations, conflict resolution and non-violent protest. A keen writer, blogger, and armchair socialist, I plan to devote as much of my life as possible to seeing the world’s different countries and cultures. I am all for environmental conservation, sustainable living, peace, and love. I take inspiration from the timeless wisdom of Dr Hunter S. Thompson and believe that the world would be a much better place if he was still around. On occasion, I also enjoy waxing lyrical.”



Federica Pugliese

Nationality: Italian

Location: Rome, Italy

Field of Studies: Political Sciences at the Roma Tre University

“Extremely passionate about international politics, I l also write about policy and politics on the blog of my university. Aside from that I enjoy investigative reporting, oriental languages (but, at the moment I know only English, French and Spanish), international cooperation and human rights. More specifically, I have done a lot of research on infant mortality, malaria, child labor, political refugees and other fields.”



Alexandra Athanasiou

Nationality: Greek

Location: Athens, Greece

Field of Studies: International and European Studies at University of Piraeus

“I consider myself as an optimist person, nevertheless “seize the day” is my motto. My passion is everything related to law, music, traveling (and I consider Britain as my second home country). Human rights is one of the fields that intrigues me- because of its complexity. My dream is to eventually work on humanitarian aid in Kenya with an NGO. I strongly support that human equality is the presupposition of a peaceful global society and that each one of us should promote this belief.”



Nationality: Greek

Location: Athens, Greece

Field of Studies: BA in International and European Studies at the University of Piraeus

“I am an undergraduate student at the University of Piraeus and I aim to specialize in the field of Asian Studies and cultural diversity. Simultaneously, I am an active participant in various research groups and volunteer organizations. I enjoy participating in team sports and I am fond of East Asian cinema. Last but not least, I love travelling, learning new languages and exploring different cultures.”



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